How to Improve your Speed from a Certified Speed and Agility Coach

At East Bay Sports Performance we work to develop better athletes. Better athletes are generally faster, stronger, and more agile. A staple of our program is speed development. In this post we will discuss how we work on improving linear speed.  How to get faster! Sprint  Improve technique  Increase Strength and Power  Improve Mobility  Linear […]

Energy System Development for Soccer Athletes with 3 Day Conditioning Plan!

Last week, I wrote about sports specific training and how the SAID principle drives it. One of the main components of a needs analysis is taking a deep dive into the energy demands of the sport.It’s important to understand that our body operates aerobically (with oxygen) and anaerobically (without oxygen). First we will look at the two anaerobic […]

Strength and Conditioning in the High School Athlete

Last week, we discussed when it is appropriate for an athlete to start a strength and conditioning program. The older the athlete gets the more serious they become in their sport and those athletes that are stronger and faster begin to separate themselves from the pack. My experience with high school athletes in Massachusetts, Rhode […]

When should a Youth Athlete start a Strength and Conditioning program and what’s appropriate?

Truth is, there’s no specific age recommendation for a child to start resistance training, however once a child is able to follow directions and process information it is believed that a child is ready to begin training. This coincides with the start of organized sports, which usually occurs at the age of 6-8. As Certified […]

The One Exercise You Should Be Doing, But Probably Not

The bird dog is a staple of any physical therapy program and is programmed  regularly at East Bay Sports Performance for our Adult Conditioning and Sports Performance. The bird dog exercise itself is a great core exercise. It helps strengthen the hips, abdominals and shoulder stabilizers. The bird Dog starting position is with your knees […]

The Pyramid of Sport

There is a proposed pyramid of sports development from 2002 which is often overlooked by many athletes, coaches and parents.  This hierarchy sets the precedent for the development of any athlete and it is often overlooked. Sport, or excellence in and focusing on, is the culmination of having all the levels of the pyramid below […]

Position Yourself For Long Term Success!

I started Strength and Conditioning coaching back in 1998 as a personal trainer.  I started coaching college rugby back in 2002. My coaching career led me to start and coach a high school team for ten years.  During that time in the high school, I also did dryland coaching for some of the winter sports […]

D-fense is the best offense!

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, the quality of sunlight is lessening, and kids are inside most days at school when the sun is out.  Welcome to Fall/Winter in the Northeast, and the likelihood, without supplementation, sub-optimal levels of Vitamin deficiencies in Vitamin D will occur. Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin […]